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Rubber Industry

Performance Fluids Ltd designs, develops and supplies release agents and mandrel lubricants for the rubber industry worldwide. We work closely alongside our customers providing unrivalled customer service, high performance products and technical support.

The Rheolease® range is probably the most extensive range of hose release agents from one supplier. The range comprises products for all common elastomers giving excellent lubricity, pin cleanliness, washability and environmental performance.

Within our state of the art range we have products which give excellent performance on Peroxide EPDM, Sulphur EPDM, NBR, CSM, ECD, Chlorinated Polyethylene and for some of the more “difficult” compounds e.g. VAMAC, ECO, CM, CPE and composite fuel hoses.

We have products which have exceptionally low COD’s with high BOD’s for plants located in environmentally sensitive areas.

We supply these lubricants in three forms: liquids, gels and waxes.

Our customers have found significant advantages in switching to Performance Fluids products. The products are priced very competitively whilst providing significant improvements in terms of pin cleanliness, operator environment and product usage.

We can design and develop a lubricant to meet your requirements based on our extensive knowledge and database in this industry.