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Fomblin® ZNF Grease

Fomblin® ZNF Grease


Product Overview

Fomblin® ZNF (now known as Klübertemp GR ZNF) is a homogenous white grease having good surface adhesion and wear resistance properties.

Fomblin® ZNF grease has extremely low vapor pressure and is ideal under vacuum in a wide temperature range of – 60˚C to 220˚C


A few of the critical uses of Fomblin® greases include:

Mechanical components operating under vacuum.

Mechanical parts in contact with aggressive chemicals or oxygen.

Nuclear industry lubricants

Instrument lubricants

Lifetime sealed, maintenance-free bearings

Bearings exposed to high temperatures, moisture and aggressive chemicals

Features and Benefits

Very wide temperature range

-60˚C to 220˚C

Excellent surface adhesion

Excellent wear resistance properties

Excellent resistance aggressive chemicals


Typical Properties      
Thickener PTFE

Range of continuous Use

Temperature ( ˚C )



Viscosity of base fluid at 20˚C(ASTM D 445) 250


Evaporation (ASTM D 2595)

Weight loss(%) at 204˚C/22h/120 l/h

NLGI Class  3

Shell four ball EP test method IP239

Operating conditions:1450RPM 10 seconds duration

Seizure Load kg./cm²

Welding Load kg./cm²

M.Hertz Load kg./cm²




Penetration unworked after 60 strokes

(ASTM D 217)mm/10



BAM Oxygen impact test

At 60˚C


Stability after 10000 strokes

(ASTM D 217)mm/10


 Oil separation FTMS 791 -321

Weight loss (%) at 204˚C /30 hrs


Apparent Viscosity Poise at 20˚C

Shear rate 100 sec -1

Shear rate 300 sec -1




To obtain Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), contact our technical team: +44 (0) 1282 878240