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Fomblin® YVAC 3

Fomblin® YVAC3


Product Overview

Fomblin® YVAC 3 (now known as Klüberalfa GR YVAC 3) is a homogenous white grease particularly suitable for use as a lubricant of mechanical parts operating at high vacuum and in contact with aggressive chemicals or oxygen.

Fomblin® YVAC 3 is used in ‘lubricating for life’ applications. Its lubricating properties make it suitable for parts requiring boundary ( extreme pressure) lubricating properties. In Shell four ball tests its welding point is 620Kg.

Fomblin® YVAC 3 can be used to lubricate mechanical parts subjected to high thermo-mechanical stress. Fomblin® YVAC 3 can be used for long periods of time, and at very high operating temperatures ( from -20˚C to 200˚C ) and therefore is widely used in the manufacturing, aeronautical and electromechanical industries.


Mechanical parts operating at High vacuum in contact with aggressive chemicals

Nuclear industry lubricants

Instrument lubricants

Lifetime sealed, maintenance-free bearings

Features and Benefits

High Vacuum

Excellent EP properties

Wide temperature range

Excellent resistance aggressive chemicals.


Typical Properties
Viscosity of base fluid at 20˚C(ASTM D 445) 1500 Evaporation (ASTM D 2595) Weight loss(%) at 204˚C/22h/120 l/h .3
Thickener PTFE Range of continuous UseTemperature ( ˚C ) -20 to 250
Penetration unworked after 60 strokes(ASTM D 217)mm/10 240 – 245 BAM Oxygen impact testAt 60˚C 80
Stability after 10000 strokes (ASTM D 217) mm/10 260

Shell four ball EP test method IP239 Operating conditions: 1450RPM 10 seconds duration

Seizure Load kg./cm²

Welding Load kg./cm²

M.Hertz Load kg./cm²






NLGI Class 3  Oil separation FTMS 791 -321 Weight loss (%) at 204˚C /30 hrs  8

Apparent Viscosity Poise at 20˚C

Shear rate 100 sec -1

Shear rate 300 sec -1




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