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PerFluoroLube® UT18

PerFluoroLube® UT18 Grease Manufactured Exclusively with FOMBLIN Base Fluid


Product Overview

PerFluoroLube® UT18 Grease is formulated exclusively with FOMBLIN Base Fluid. PerFluoroLube® UT18 is a homogenous white grease suitable for lubricating mechanical parts used in wide temperature intervals (from – 30˚C to 150˚C with peak temperatures up to 200˚C).

PerFluoroLube® UT18 Grease is particularly suitable for lubricating friction mechanical parts subjected to medium loads, where standard mineral and synthetic lubricants are not resistant to temperature and air degradation.


A few of the critical uses of PerFluoroLube® greases include:

Vacuum pumps

Roller bearings of suspended conveyors in furnaces

Mechanical components operating under high load, high speed.

Nuclear industry lubricants

Instrument lubricants

Lifetime sealed, maintenance-free bearings

Bearings exposed to high temperatures,

Features and Benefits

PerFluoroLube® UT18 Grease is formulated exclusively with FOMBLIN Base Fluid

Wide temperature range

Compatible with elastomers

Resistant to solvents


Typical Properties
Viscosity of base fluid at 20˚C (ASTM D 445) 35 Thickener PTFE
Penetration unworked after 60 strokes (ASTM D 217)mm/10 280 to 285 Range of continuous use temperature (˚C) -30 to 150
NLGI Class 2

To obtain Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), contact our technical team: +44 (0) 1282 878240