Performance XP FG2

Performance XP FG2

Performance XP FG2 Grease


Product Overview

PERFORMANCE XP FG2 Grease is food grade high performance grease with high resistance to heavy loads and water, based on a PAO synthetic oil and advanced greases technology which have been developed by complexing modified overbased calcium sulfonates.

PERFORMANCE XP FG2 Grease has exceptional mechanical stability, high dropping point, high load carrying performance, reduced wear, and excellent resistance to water and corrosion.

PERFORMANCE XP FG2 Grease outperforms other premium, high temperature greases such as Lithium Complex and Aluminium Complex. It is designed to provide superior performance at elevated temperatures and during periods of infrequent lubrication in food processing applications. It is best suited for low to medium speed bearings operating under adverse conditions.

  • Plain Bearings
  • Anti Friction Bearings
  • Suitable for wash down areas
Features and Benefits
  • Excellent mechanical stability.
  • High dropping point, typically in excess of 280 ºC
  • Excellent EP and AW properties inherent in the thickener
  • Excellent low temperature mobility -40 ºC
  • Excellent resistance to water
  • Excellent rust prevention properties
  • Excellent oxidation stability.