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PerFluid XP FG Chain Oil

PerFluid® XP FG Chain Oil


Product Overview

PerFluid® XP FG Chain Oil is a fully synthetic NSF registered H1 food grade oil designed for the lubrication of track ovens.  It has been extensively tested and approved and offers a low maintenance solution to the lubrication of oven chain conveyors with antifriction bearings, links and pins.

 PerFluid® XP FG Chain Oil is a unique formulation containing special additives which considerably reduce residue build up, and offer low friction and anti-wear properties thus extending chain life.

PerFluid® XP FG Chain Oil has excellent thermal stability with low volatility and a high oxidation resistance therefore extending re-lubrication intervals.

Audit compliant – More and more we are seeing auditors insisting on the use of an H1 registered product to be used on track plant oven chains, categorising them as a risk for potential cross contamination and that a H2 registered product is not acceptable.  PerFluid® XP FG Chain Oil is NSF registered H1 food grade and therefore allows full compliance.

  • PerFluid® XP FG Chain Oil is particularly suited for the lubrication of:

    Bakery Track Oven Chains.

    Tortilla Ovens.

    Pitta Ovens.

    Pizza Ovens.

    Concealed Track Conveyor Chains.

Features and Benefits
  • NSF H1 Registered – Audit compliant, acceptable as a lubricant with incidental food contact for use in and around food areas.
  • OEM approved by Global Bakery Solutions for use on Lanham ovens.
  • Extremely good oxidation stability which extends lubricant life.
  • Reduced carbon build up on bearings and in the track, lowers friction allowing for less chain cleaning and extends the chain life.
  • Extended re-lubrication intervals mean reduced consumption and lower maintenance.
  • Flexible – The viscosity of the lubricant makes it suitable for all auto lube systems.
  • Optimum operation chain temperature of 280°C