PerFluid GM

PerFluid GM

PerFluid® GM


Product Overview

PerFluid® GM is a food grade high temperature chain oil based on a unique polyglycol and fortified with graphite designed for use at temperatures up to 400oC.

The unique base fluid has extremely low volatility compared with other polyglycols and as such gives virtually no fume when applied to hot chains. This enables the product to be applied to chains at any time and not only when the chain has cooled.The product has little odour and is water soluble making it more user friendly.

The graphite used in the product is of a super fine grade which enables the product to remain as a stable dispersion requiring only slight agitation and facilitates its use in conventional autolube systems. The product can be applied manually but is best applied automatically via an autolube which can ensure that the oven current drive remains low and constant.

  • High Temperature Oven Chains
Features and Benefits

Very wide temperature range

-80˚C to 200˚C

Excellent resistance aggressive chemicals