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Performance FG 2 Grease

Performance FG 2 Grease


Product Overview

PERFORMANCE FG 2 Grease is based on synthetic hydrocarbons and with the addition of PTFE provides exceptional performance in terms of high load carrying and operating temperature

The product is designed to enable rationalisation of greases and is suitable for incidental contact in food processing plants and food packaging plants.

The product will lubricate from –50oC to +165oC (230oC intermittent) and has a dN factor of 500,000 making it suitable for electric fan bearings which are often a problem for lubrication.

PERFORMANCE FG 2 Grease is thickened with an Aluminium complex soap the product has excellent water resistance and the inclusion of PFTE ensures high load carrying and wear protection.

      • Plain Bearing
      • Fan Bearings
      • Anti Friction Bearings
      • Suitable for wash down areas
Features and Benefits
  • Performance characteristics enable standardisation to one product for most food safe applications
  • Provides long term lubrication at high temperatures,
    extending lubrication intervals.
  • Excellent anti-wear performance properties
  • Exceptional degree of water resistance providing lasting
    lubrication and protecting against corrosion
  • Will not thicken or carbonise.
  • Wide Temperature Range
    –30˚C to +280˚C (250˚C continuous)