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Performance FG Chain Spray

Performance FG Chain Spray



Product Overview

Performance FG Chain Spray is a fully synthetic food grade oil in an aerosol containing special additives that considerably extend re-lubrication intervals. It is particularly suited for the general lubrication of drive and conveyor chains, small bearings, links, pivots, pins etc.

Performance FG Chain Spray has a powerful jet spray ensuring quick penetration with virtually no contamination of the surrounding area. It penetrates to the working surfaces reducing wear and extending components life.

Due to its excellent adhesive characteristics Performance FG Chain Spray ensures a high degree of water resistance therefore protecting parts from corrosion which is essential in the food and drinks industries.


Applications include:

The lubrication of drive and conveyor chains

Small bearings, Links, Pivots, Pins


Use in a well ventilated area.

Shake can well and apply sparingly


Typical Properties
Appearance Clear low viscosity solvent
Operating range -20˚C to 160˚C
Base Fluid

Blend of synthetic oils

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