Food Industry Lubricants| Food Grade + Oven Chain Lubricant

Food Industry Lubricants| Food Grade + Oven Chain Lubricant

Food Industry Lubricants


Performance Fluids has lead the way in high performance lubricants for the food industry. Through working with customers, OEMs and chain manufacturers in the UK bakery industry, Performance Fluids is able to innovate, design and develop world class food grade oven chain lubricants. Allowing you to increase efficiency, improve oven performance and lengthen the life of your oven chains.

As a result we are now the UK’s leading supplier of chain lubricants into the bakery industry, providing the complete service, including; condition monitoring with in-depth analysis, on-site lubrication and maintenance services, and the design and installation of automatic lubricating systems. Furthermore, our high temperature chain lubricants are NSF H1 registered, including the addition of 3H registered lubricants in our range; meaning our lubricants are 100% audit compliant.

We also supply a full range of NSF H1 registered sprays to meet your day to day lubrication needs.


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