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Food Industry

Performance Fluids has been working closely with customers, chain manufacturers, and the OEM’s in the UK Baking Industry for over 10 years and over that time we have developed various food grade chain lubricants specifically for the baking industry.

We are now the leading provider of food grade lubricants into this industry and can offer a complete service including; condition monitoring, on site lubrication and maintenance services, installation of automatic lubricators, and a full range of NSF H1 products which includes high temperature, non-fuming chain oils that can be manually or automatically applied.

Our customers include all the major names in the baking industry and we have solved various problems associated with oven, prover, cooler and chiller chains gaining significant credibility with our customers.

Our oven chain lubricants are used on all types of ovens which are producing pizza’s, bread and morning goods, yorkshire puddings, bagels, garlic bread, naan bread, crumpets and cakes.

Unlike most of our competitors, before recommending a chain lubricant for an oven we undertake a survey of the oven and chain and record various temperatures to ensure the correct product is put forward to meet the requirements of customer and application.



  • Fomblin® CL1800F1 Oven Chain Lubricant
  • Lubrication Greases
  • Chain and Gear Oils
  • Hydraulic Oils
  • Compressor Oils
  • Cooler/Prover Oil
  • Freezer Oils
  • Food Grade Aerosols
  • Perfluid GM (food grade graphited chain lubricant)

In addition to this range of H1 lubricants we also have a direct food contact lubricant for applications where contamination onto the product cannot be avoided and a high temperature chain oil (Perfluid Extreme 220) which incorporates a stable PTFE dispersion and superior synthetic ester base oils.

All our engineers and sales team who visit customers sites have completed the appropriate accredited food safety courses and Performance Fluids is Safe Contractor Approved.