PerFluorolube 20/8

PerFluorolube 20/8

PerFluoroLube® 20/8


Product Overview

The PerFluoroLube® range of oxygen compatible lubricants were designed for use with all types of life support systems, including open and closed circuit diving apparatus.

The PerFluoroLube® range of greases are based on perfluoropolyether (PFPE) fluids with an inorganic thickener.

PerFluoroLube® 20/8 was specially developed for the diving industry as a sticky grease for the assembly of threaded and valve components.

PerFluoroLube® 20/8 forms a thin tacky layer highly resistant to rub off.

  • Diving and life support systems industry;
  • Assembly of threaded and valve components;
  • Threads, swivels, valve stems, adjusting screws, bearings, fittings;
  • Quick disconnects;
  • Hyperbaric chambers;
  • Applications requiring a wide temperature range and oxygen compatibility.
Features and Benefits
  • Tacky Lubricant, highly resistant to rub off;
  • Wide Temperature Range; –20˚C to + 180˚C;
  • Oxygen Safe;
  • Unaffected by acids, alkalis, oxygen and chlorine
  • BAM rating – 150 Bar


 Typical Properties
NLGI Number 1
Worked Penetration 295-340 (mm-1)
Oil Separation ( 30 hrs @66˚C) 2%
Thickener: Inorganic thickener
Base oil viscosity: @ 20˚C – 500 cSts
Base Fluid Oxygen Impact Test 150 bar


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