PerFluorlube 20/8

PerFluorlube 20/8

Product Overview


The PerFluoroLube® range of oxygen compatible lubricants were designed for use with all types of life support systems, including open and closed circuit diving apparatus.The PerFluoroLube® range of greases are based on perfluoropolyether (PFPE) fluids with an inorganic thickener.

PerFluoroLube® 20/8 was specially developed for the diving industry as a sticky grease for the assembly of threaded and valve components.

PerFluoroLube® 20/8 forms a thin tacky layer highly resistant to rub off.

Features and Benefits
  • Tacky Lubricant, highly resistant to rub off.
  • Wide Temperature Range
  • –20˚C to + 180˚C
  • Oxygen Safe
  • Unaffected by Acids, Alkalis, Oxygen and Chlorine

PerFluoroLube® 20/8

NLGI Number


Worked Penetration

295-340 (mm-1)

Oil Separation ( 30 hrs @66˚C)



Inorganic thickener

Base oil viscosity: @ 20˚C –

500 cSts

Base Fluid Oxygen Impact Test

150 bar


For the diving and life support systems industry for the assembly of threaded and valve components.Threads, swivels, valve stems, adjusting screws, bearings, fittings.

Quick disconnects,

Hyperbaric chambers.

Applications requiring a wide temperature range and oxygen compatibility.