Performance Fluids Ltd | Suppliers of Specialist Lubricants | PerFluoroLube®, Fomblin & Galden Lubricants
  • Rubber industry

    Performance Fluids designs, develops and supplies release agents and mandrel lubricants for the rubber industry worldwide.

  • Food Industry Products

    Performance Fluids have developed various food grade chain lubricants specifically for the baking industry.

  • Fluorinated products

    Performance Fluids provides lubrication solutions for the manufacturing, automotive and chemical industries using PFPE fluids.

  • Specialist products

    Performance Fluids will design and develop new lubricants on a one off basis to meet specific requirements.


Performance Fluids is a world leading developer for lubricants and greases. We innovate, develop and manufacture world-class products and provide a complete support package to our customers – bespoke to their needs.

Our depth in expertise in a variety of industries allows us to create products that are specific to particular industry applications and allows our technical team to help you in finding the right lubricant. Our portfolio of products includes food grade lubricants, fluorinated oils and greases, release agents and many more.

Performance Fluids are also suppliers for Fomblin and Galden greases and fluids – supplying to the UK, Ireland, Norway, Finland and Sweden.

Furthermore, our range of support services gives our customers the assistance to ensure their equipment is operating at its best.

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